Engine Diagnostics

North Shore Engine Diagnostics Experts

Most people don’t realise they have a problem until their car starts to run badly or the engine light comes on. Anzac Automotive specialises in electronic diagnostics, regularly participating in all Bosch technical training courses to enhance and refine our skills. If your car has any warning lamps on the dashboard that shouldn’t be there or the engine lacks power or stalls, call us now. As Diagnostic specialists, we have invested thousands of dollars in equipment and training to ensure that we can solve your fuel-injection and diagnostic problems.

Latest Car Diagnostic Technology

If your vehicle is acting up, running rough, making odd sounds or just not driving the way if felt before, this is a perfect opportunity to have the expert team at Anzac Automotive check it out for you. Our state of the art computerised diagnostic service will ensure that your car is fault free and running smoothly. It instantly highlights and isolates issues with the Vehicle Engine Management system, fuel system and ignition system. We even have a brand new team member who has specialised experience in car diagnostic services, so you know your vehicle will be in safe hands

Don’t Ignore Your Check Engine Light

When your “Check Engine Light” comes on, bring your car to us at Anzac Automotive. This alert informs our professional auto technicians that a sensor is providing data, which is out of range or not providing data at all. This means that the related system needs reviewing to determine why the sensor is not functioning properly. Our certified technicians will review the entire diagnostic data-stream to determine the real cause of the warning, rather than just replace the sensor that alerted you to the problem. This ensures that you don’t waste money replacing parts.

Trusted Car Mechanic North Shore

At Anzac Automotive, we diagnose a wide range of issues. Some of the symptoms that your vehicle’s engine management, fuel and ignition systems may need repair include:

  • Problematic or difficult starting
  • Loss of performance and slow or sluggish acceleration
  • Poor fuel economy
  • Engine misfires shakes or sounds “rough”
  • Intermittent or occasional stalling of the engine

If your car is underperforming, contact us at Anzac Automotive today on 09 478 8457 to experience our superior car diagnostic service.

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